AVA CRUMBLEY 4.14.2008

 My labor started around 3pm on April 13, 2008, and all I felt was tightening and relaxing (surges from the beginning were 5 minutes apart).  I had my Hypnobirthing session that day, and after that I had many errands to do (return items, buy things, get gas, and make dinner).  After a large spaghetti dinner, I was ready to go up stairs to relax.  I went to the bathroom and my mucous plug came out, as I stood up my water released (9:15pm).  I became consumed with keeping dry, not aware of how quickly I was progressing.  I showered and shaved my legs, and surges became 2 minutes apart.  Still trying to stay dry, finish laundry and talk to friends ad family I missed the call from my OB.  Finally I was packed, now with headphones on listening to Marie Mongan, and my husband demanding we leave, I remember him telling me he would know when I was ready.  Now on the way to the hospital, shortly after 11 pm.  We arrive (11:56pm), my husband parks the car, I walk myself in, and check in.  I tell the nurse " I am ready to have my baby", since I am calm and relaxed, the nurse tells me " you are a first time mom, not possible".  I let out a little sigh, after I told her " I have to have the biggest bowel movement ever", she knew what that meant, and said " go ahead".   After my sigh, she moved me to the room and examined me.  She then found that Ava was coming, I was complete with at 3+ station.  I gave birth to my first baby 6 minutes after we arrived.  It was amazing, no tearing, no need for meds, and minimal bleeding.  I quickly nursed her and gave her a bath. 

I began my hypnobirthing class in my 35 week, and delivered at 38 weeks.  Ava was born on April 14, 2008 @1202am, 6#3oz, 18 3/4 in. long.  My surges were never painful, they did not last for more than 20 seconds to my knowledge.  All I felt was a sensation during my labor and pressure when I was ready to birth.  

I know that HypnoBirthing made all the difference for me.  My birth was just the way I designed it.  Just a sensation, calm, serene and Joyful 

-Marie F. Mongan

 "When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."